Say “HELLO!” to OMS in Azure

Hi 2 all!

In this short video I will show you what is OMS.

You can find video file in my YouTube channel.

Introducing Operations Management Suite

Operations Management Suite (also known as OMS) is a collection of management services that were designed in the cloud from the start. Rather than deploying and managing on-premise resources, OMS components are entirely hosted in Azure. Configuration is minimal, and you can be up and running literally in a matter of minutes.

  • Minimal cost and complexity of deployment. Because all of the components and data for OMS are stored in Azure, you can be up and running in a short time without the complexity and investment in on-premise components.
  • Scale to cloud levels. You don’t have to worry about paying for compute resources that you don’t need or about running out of storage space since the cloud allows you to pay only for what you actually use and will readily scale to any load you require. You can start by managing a few resources to get started and then scale up to your entire environment.
  • Take advantage of the latest features. Features in OMS services are continuously being added and updated. You constantly have access to the latest features without any requirement to deploy updates.
  • Integrated services. While each of the OMS services provide significant value on their own, they can work together to solve complex management scenarios. For example, a runbook in Azure Automation might drive a failover process with Azure Site Recovery and then log information to Log Analytics to generate an alert.
  • Global knowledge. Management solutions in OMS continuously have access to the latest information. The Security and Audit solution for example, can perform a threat analysis using the latest threats being detected around the world.
  • Access from anywhere. Access your management environment from anywhere you have a browser. Install the OMS app on your smartphone for ready access to your monitoring data.

OMS services

The core functionality of OMS is provided by a set of services that run in Azure. Each service provides a specific management function, and you can combine services to achieve different management scenarios.

Service Description
Log Analytics Log Analytics Monitor and analyze the availability and performance of different resources including physical and virtual machines.
Azure Automation Automation Automate manual processes and enforce configurations for physical and virtual machines.
Azure Backup Backup Backup and restore critical data.
Azure Site Recovery Site Recovery Provide high availability for critical applications.

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