MX Backup Service

Hello Folks,

Today I will show you how we can use one of the best service for out MX backup. It will help you if you are planning to start tenant-to-tenant migration, or any other migration type. So, no more non-technical words, let’s go!

What we have:

Classic Office 365 tenant with some users and added domain name (

What we want: transfer domain name to another Office365 tenant.

  1. Let’s check that everything work good:sendMessageToO365
  2. Let’s register our MX backup service
    I use (You can register trial here):SetupMXBackup
  3. Now we need to add second MX to our external DNS service and test it.
    I use
  4. Delete domain name from the Office365 tenant (script you can find here):
  5. After you deleted domain’s name from one tenant, you must wait 20-40 mins (Microsoft says that it can take up to 72 hours) before you can add domain to a new tenant and at this time senders will see NDR, but we added our backup MX and all mails will go to backup service:MessageTrace
  6. After you added domain to a new tenant and created all necessary user’s accounts you can add Destination service to your Admin Panel:after_add_domain_to_new_tenant
  7. After you added Destination Server Name your users will get their messages (which they received when domain wasn’t added to a new tenant) :after_MX_back
  8. Then you can check it in message’s logs:after_add_domain_check_massage_log

I hope this article will help you and your customers migrate to Office 365 without any downtime.

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